Plexxis Construction Management Software now includes interconnected material management


Toronto, ON (PRWEBPlexxis has raised the bar in the wall and ceiling industry again through material management tools that are interconnected with the Drywall ERP estimating, construction management, accounting, and mobile app solution. The enhanced material management provides purchasers, project managers, foreman, warehouse managers, administration staff, and owners individual tools that enable them to manage and track materials throughout the lifecycle of commercial, residential and high rise jobs.

SBEC Seminar – Buying a Business or Franchise

Businessman Writing on Whiteboard

Orangeville, ON (Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre) Gerry Hogenhout of Hogenhout and Associates will explain the process involved in purchasing an existing business or franchise.  He will discuss the pros and cons of buying a business as opposed to starting a new one, explain how to recognize a viable business, and outline strategies to put in place to ensure a successful transition.  Participants will learn how to avoid disappointment and increase their chances of success.

Service and support


Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.) Today’s fast moving society provides many security challenges for families. Many of these challenges could be solved with the special services offered by locksmiths. Unfortunately, many consumers are unaware of specific services offered by a locksmith.

How I paint a model figure


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Although there are some modellers who feel it isn’t necessary, I prefer to prime the model. This is simply an undercoat of paint which will seal the surface, preventing contact with the air. For metal figures, automotive primer (red, grey or white) may be used. Alternatively, a base coat of white paint can be used. The primer will also serve as a surface to which the following layers of paint will adhere.

Curbside vs. Superdetail


Orangeville, ON (James Doan) Consider this scenario: While visiting your local hobby shop, looking for a challenge for your next project, you happen across two new kits. As luck would have it, they are both representations of classic (1950’s or 1960’s) autos that you have never built before.

SBEC seminar – Risk Management for Small Business

Businesswoman Writing on White Board and Businessman at Table

Orangeville, ON (Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre) The Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre presents a new seminar on Risk Management for Small Business

Charles McCabe, local Business Development and Risk Management Consultant, and Dave Proctor, Utility Financial Concepts Inc., will discuss the importance of risk management to the long term viability and profitability of the business.

SBEC seminar – Starting a Small Business

Businessman Writing on Whiteboard

Orangeville, ON (Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre) Explore the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business and discover the skills and characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs.  Find out what is involved in starting a small business in Ontario and why a business plan is so important.  This workshop will answer many of your start-up questions and provide you with the tools you need to begin working on your own “roadmap” to success.