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Door Closers

Door closerDoor closers on entrance doors prevent injuries to clients and employee alike by controlling the closing of the door on even the windiest of days. Closers on kitchen or service doors help control the intrusion of insects, vermin and even would-be crooks. Door closers on rest room doors provide privacy and prevent the migration of odors and germs to other areas of the premises.

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Schlage Locks

Schlage locksFor more than 85 years Schlage has been providing innovative security solutions. Today, Schlage is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology such as wireless security products, biometrics and video solutions.

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Finding effective security solutionsIf you were to give a thief enough time and resources (assuming they had the proper knowledge and the right tools), they could possibly break into virtually any building, defeat any lock or open any safe. Fortunately, the average thug does not have the luxury of unlimited time, knowledge, tools and other resources. Consequently, they're reduced to the most direct approach: Force.

Rather then use finesse, they will break, pry, twist, hammer and otherwise force their way in. That makes it easy for you to take steps to deter them from entering your business.

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