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When the Lock Won't Work

lockThere are dozens of reasons why your key may not turn the lock when you try to enter your business. Misaligned doors, building settling, swelling or shrinking of the doors from heat and cold, miscut keys, improperly pinned lock cylinders, sagging door hinges, and poor quality lock hardware are among the factors that might cause the key to turn "hard" and the lock to "drag".

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Panic Hardware

Panic hardwareSecurity and Life Safety Code compliance can often seem to work at cross-purposes. However, there are ways to secure any door and stay within code mandates.

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ASSA High Security Locks

ASSAKeys that can fit into unintended masterkey systems can open locks they’re not supposed to open; with the key inserted, only thousandths of an inch can make a difference.

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Rekeying your home's door locks

December 15, 2014
Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.)

Rekey your locksAnyone who moves into a new home and doesn’t change the locks could be setting themselves up for an easy break-in. People often give spare keys to friends and family, but they don’t always bother to reclaim them when they move. Imagine how many people might have keys to a home that has had three owners or multiple tenants and never had the locks changed.

Changing the locks is not something landlords usually bother with, but according to a recent study, seven percent of tenants do not return their spare keys when moving out. Anyone who has worked for an apartment complex doing maintenance or a previous tenant may still have the key to an apartment.

New tenants should ask the landlord to pay for a locksmith to rekey the door locks. If the landlord refuses to pay, it will end up costing the tenant to change the lock, but it is a good investment for insuring security and personal safety.

You should also remember to reprogram the garage door opener and remote controls. This can reduce the potential for garage door break-ins.

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