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Security MirrorKeeping an eye on your business can be tough . . . and expensive. Unless you want to go to the expense of installing closed circuit television, to help you watch your merchandise, you should reflect on the benefits of security mirrors.

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Commercial Hardware

Commercial HardwareWhen it comes to your businesses door hardware needs, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA), recommend two classifications of door hardware: Grade 1 and Grade 2.

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USCANMarketed through locksmiths the USCAN brand is recognized for its dependability in Grade 1 Heavy Duty, Grade 2 Medium Duty and Grade 3 Standard Duty locksets. They provide an economical alternative to the higher priced manufacturers.

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5 Expert Security Tips to Protect Your Business

September 15, 2014
Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.)

Security TipsHow effective your security solutions are comes down to how effective the controls you have in place are and how vigilant you and your employees are.

1. Perimeter Inspection
It is quite easy for you to take some simple steps to guard against thieves breaking into your business. You should begin by simply walking around the inside and outside of your business. Take a careful look at the doors, windows, vents, and other openings in the walls and roof. Then ask yourself if it seems possible to make an entry at any of these points. If you can answer "Yes", then you will have to secure that weakness to keep out burglars. The solution could be as basic as reinforcing a door frame with some screws or replacing a broken window latch.

2. Entry Locks
For most commercial applications, there are two recommended classifications of door hardware: Grade 1 and Grade 2. The differences between the two classifications are significant. The pulling force needed to separate a knob or lever from its spindle is about 60% greater on a Grade 1 than a Grade 2. Cycle tests of a Grade 1 are double that of a Grade 2. Vertical load and bolt strength factors are similarly greater in a Grade 1 than a Grade 2.

Grade 1 rated hardware would normally be used in manufacturing facilities or other businesses where long hardware life and optimal security are critical.

Grade 2 rated hardware would be used in offices or commercial rental properties which have lower requirements.

In retail or other businesses which have the typical glass and aluminum storefront, some additional security for the lock can be afforded by adding a hard metal 'spin ring' to protect the lock cylinder from attempts at wrenching it out.

Panic hardware, commonly called 'crash bars' for emergency exits should be inspected to ensure they are properly fitted and operating correctly.

3. Exit Alarms
One way to quickly direct your employees attention to the high risk, vulnerable areas of your business, is to install door annunciators. Even though it is nearly impossible to have everyone exactly where they need to be at all times, annunciators are an effective security solution for the door no one is watching.

4. Key Control
Key control is the secret to the integrity of any locking system. Key records should be audited regularly and no keys duplicated without your specific authorization. If you have had employee turnover or if you are locating to a previously occupied premises, you should have the locks rekeyed.

Restricted keys are another possibility for improved key control. These keys cannot be duplicated at hardware stores or key kiosks. Although restricted key systems may initially be more expensive then a conventional keying system, those costs are often offset by the fact that fewer rekeys are needed due to personnel changes.

5. Common Sense Security
Unlocked service, employee entrance and office doors are open invitations to internal and external theft. Employees who fail to question or report strangers who are in non-customer areas may unwittingly encourage theft.

No matter what type business you own or operate, we can help you select the proper hardware for your business' security needs. In other words, hardware security solutions that work and are designed with your needs in mind.


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