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padlockPadlocks come in a variety of sizes, strengths and designs to fill a multitude of security requirements. Padlock use is as varied as your needs and, padlocks are portable. Which means you can safely secure whatever you need to, wherever it is located. Talk about convenience!

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von DuprinExit devices are a critical part of a door opening or access system and will provide safe and reliable service when properly applied and maintained.

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Commerial exit devices

April 20, 2015
Orangeville, ON (Harold Doan and Sons Ltd.)

Exit hardware includes both panic devices and alarmed exit locks. Panic devices, sometimes referred to as 'crash bars,' are used in medium and high traffic areas to allow full latching of the door without hindering egress (exiting). The ease of egress afforded by panic devices has made them the product of choice for areas where people congregate.

crossbar panic barPanic hardware is available in a crossbar type and a touchbar type. The most noticeable is the crossbar type. For many years, these were the only type of exit device available. They consist of a round or oval 'crossbar' which is held away from the surface of the door by two lever arms and device cases.

touchbar panic barThe other type of exit device is the touchbar design. This device does not project off of the door, but actually touches the door across the full width of the device.

The advantage of the touchbar design is that it is more aesthetically pleasing, generally slimmer in design, and the area which you would depress to exit is usually larger than that of the crossbar design.

On the other hand, and with exceptions, the crossbar type device is almost always made of heavier materials and can usually withstand more abuse than the touchbar devices.

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back doorThe back door area is frequently poorly lighted; giving the thugs an opportunity to work with little chance of being spotted. Which is why it is a favorite point of entry for the barbarians that want to rip off your business.

One of the easiest means of combating this type of break-in is to install bright, high-intensity security lighting around the back door area. That lighting should be encased in vandal-proof housings to forestall tampering and the disabling of the security lighting by rock-throwing thugs.

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